GOTY 2022 - Top 10 and Upcoming Games


Something something game of the year post for 2022.

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Installing Risk of Rain 2 Mods on Steam Deck

Risk of rain 2

I’ve gotten into Risk of Rain 2 in the last few weeks and only just realized there’s a huge modding scene for it. I was struggling to figure out how to install mods on the Steam Deck, but luckily a comment from reddit user /u/blackbarn’ saved the day. The original comment was missing a few steps to make this work so I decided to make a quick guide.

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GOTY 2022 - Steam Deck and Honorable Mentions

2022 honorable mentions

While I was working on my GOTY 2022 list, I realized I was still playing games that had not come out in 2022. Not just playing, but playing them a lot. This was largely due to two reasons: the Steam Deck, and these games just being really good. Since I will likely continue to play them going into 2023 as well, I figured it was worth giving them their own post. It’s also a good place to talk a bit about the Steam Deck which may just be my favorite device in 2022.

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